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Sprint Speed Pizza Clinic

Athletics Nova Scotia

Date : 30 mars, 2024
Type: Clinic
Endroit: HB Studios - Bridgewater, NS

Sprint Speed Pizza Clinic


HB Studios - Bridgewater, NS

On Saturday, March 30, Athletics NS and our Sprint Event Group Coach and 2025 Canada Games Head Coach will host a speed, starts and pizza social clinic at the HB Studios Sports Centre in Bridgewater. Utilizing a high speed camera and electronic timing, participants will be videoed at both maximum sprint speed and block starts. Analysis will take place at HB Studios. This is also meant to be a social meet and greet: get to know the people you see at track and field meets. We will start at 12pm and run through till close to 3pm. If you can only attend part of the clinic, that's okay. Indeed, you may not use blocks in your event, but speed and sprint technique is important for all events from sprints, jumps to those events with a finishing kick. Coaches are most welcome to attend. If you are unable to attend this clinic, please reach out if you would like to see this in your neck of Nova Scotia. The plan is to bring this around to each corner of our province in anticipation of Legion 2024 and Canada Games 2025.


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