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2017 WADA Prohibited List

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2017 WADA Prohibited List

The IAAF would like to remind all athletes, and their support personnel, that the 2017 Prohibited List will come into effect on 1 January 2017.  We strongly encourage you to be aware of the changes which have been made by WADA in advance of its introduction in the New Year.  Specifically, we recommend to you the four key links or pieces of information below:

  1. Access the 2017 Prohibited List here:
  1. Read the WADA summary of modifications here:
  1. Download the Prohibited List iPhone/iPad app here (note: currently reflects the 2016 version until January.
  1. The IAAF also encourages all athletes to use resources available from their national anti-doping organization for further information on the List, and to access useful tools like www.globaldro.comto check whether medications are permitted or prohibited.

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