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AO Student Volunteer Program

Athletics Ontario

AO Student Volunteer Program

This year, we’re introducing a Student Volunteer Program. We will take 50 students, across London, Windsor, Toronto and Ottawa and offer them the chance to obtain their 40 volunteer hours as well as a Level 1 Official Certification.

What the students gain from this experience:

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Strategic and Critical Thinking
  • Leadership Skills

Program Details:

  • 3-4 hours in class and on-field clinics
  • Minor official at a local track meet
  • Mentorship with a Level 3 Official
  • Videos, discussions and presentations
  • Mini-quizzes
  • Officiating at a Championship
  • Graduate as a Certified Level 1 Official

There is no cost to participate.
Students will receive:

  • AO Officials t-shirt
  • Documentation, program booklet
  • AO membership included
  • IAAF Rule Book

Program Agenda (*Subject to Change)

Week 1: Track and Field 101, Officiating 101, Preferred event to be an official at for the next meet (3-20 hours)
Homework: Find a video that an athlete or team was disqualified. What was the reason for the disqualification? What could the athlete have done to prevent it? (1/2 hour)

Week 2: Minor Official at a local track meet; introduced to mentor for the meet; take note of roles and learn rules (3-20 hours)
Homework: Presentation on rules for each event: students to present one event and to go through the rules of each event, and then give an example through experience at the meet, or a video example (1/2 hour)

Week 3: Follow up on track meet, presentations; Mini-quiz for Level 1 quiz (2 hours)

Complete assigned duties at a track meet (3-20 hours)

Week 4: Minor-Official at a Championship (required 6 credits for Level 1 to be completed by this week) (8-16 hours)

Week 5: Level 1 quiz and submit application for Level 1 (2 hours)

*Weeks subject to change, depending on location and availability of meets

Graduation and Closing Social

Dates for Indoor Meets at the Toronto Track and Field Centre:

January 13-14: Indoor Combined Events and Relay Championships w/Prep #1
February 17-18: Indoor Youth Senior Championships
March 3-4: Indoor BMJ Championships

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