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BC Athletics Clarification re: Competitions & Proof of Vaccination

BC Athletics

BC Athletics Clarification re: Competitions & Proof of Vaccination

CLARIFICATION on Updated Provincial Health Orders
re: Proof of Vaccination for Competitions
See Highlighted Section on Athletic Competitions

January 5, 2022
BC Athletics COVID-19 Update:


  • BC Athletics Proof of (COVID) Vaccination Policy – as of November 20th, 2021

Statement from BC Athletics:

BC Athletics is committed to ensuring and providing through policies and application, a Safe and Secure Environment for the fun and participation in all aspects / specific interests of Athletics. 

To that end BC Athletics encourages all members to continue to practice all health and safety protocols and as is possible, to access the COVID Vaccine and help to:

  • Reduce the spread of the COVID virus;
  • To keep you safe;
  • To keep your friends and family safe;
  • To keep all those involved in Athletics safe.

From viaSport – Specific to Sport:

The revised PHO Order on Gatherings and Events has several updates that are relevant to sport. The major changes to be aware of are:

  • Outdoor sport programs and events do not require proof of vaccination, which includes supervisors of all sport programs and events.
  • Indoor sport programs and events, the Order now clarifies that parents and volunteer supervisors of youth are required to show proof of vaccination. We now have clearer language around who this includes: 
    • Those who receive an honorarium, or something similar, are considered volunteers (Section D.8.a)
    • Parents, even if required to be present for a youth sport activity; this includes parent and tot classes (D.8.b).
    • Anyone volunteering with children/youth, which includes those 21 and under (Section D.9)
      • Note: while the order does not apply to employees of sport organizations because Government cannot mandated individuals who they do not contract – The BC Athletics policy over-rides this and does require Proof of Vaccination all those who lead, supervise, or volunteer (employee or non-employee) in youth/adult indoor sport programs.
  • For indoor sport programs and events, all individuals who lead, supervise or assist with a program for children and youth must show Proof of Vaccination.
  • Scanned Proof of Vaccination will be required as of December 31, 2021, using the BC Vaccine Card Verifier App
  • Swimming and activities in swimming pools”. As such, adult sport programs:
    • Poof of vaccination is required for adults accessing swimming pools. Non employed supervisors must show proof of vaccination. 
    • Non-employee and employees - coaches/supervisors and spectators are required to show proof of vaccination as they are not participating in the “activity in the pool”.  

NOTE: Additional regional health orders are in place in Fraser East***, I

*** Fraser East consists of the following communities: Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission and Agassiz/Harrison

BC Athletics – Proof of (COVID) Vaccination Policy – November 20, 2021

At the November 20th, 2021 BC Athletics Board of Directors Meeting a BC Athletics Proof of Vaccination Policy was adopted and is effective immediately.

BC Athletics Proof of (COVID) Vaccination Policy:

  1. Specific to Indoor Athletics Programs and Events for Children and Youth:
    1. Individuals who are employed to lead, supervise or assist with an Athletics program for children and youth (21 yrs and younger), are, as per the BC Athletics Policy, required to show Proof of (COVID) Vaccination (two doses).
  2. The BC Athletics Proof of Vaccination Policy applies to all Individual Members of BC Athletics who are employed in Athletics at the Provincial, Club, Unattached or Business levels of Athletics and who lead, coach, supervise, organize, officiate or assist in the delivery of Athletics programs to children and youth.
  3. All other requirements for Outdoor and Indoor Sport as per the viaSport - Return To Sport  – See CHART & FAQ.

Athletics Competitions - Track & Field, Road, Cross Country, Race Walk, Marathons, Ultra, Mountain and Trail:

**This section was updated on JAN 5.2022 to clarify Proof of Vaccination is only required for INDOOR Athletics Training & Competitions:

  • Under the December 22, 2021 Order, these competitions (indoor & outdoor) can continue - with adherence to the Provincial, Regional and Local Health Orders/Restrictions (local restrictions may vary and be more restrictive). Athletics competitions can continue as they are:
    • Regularly scheduled competitions (not classed as a tournament)
    • Subject to all Health Orders (Provincial, Regional, Local)
    • Subject to all BC Athletics Health and Safety Policies - including for INDOOR Athletics Training and Competitions:
    • Full vaccination for:
      • All participants age 22 & Older
      • All Coaches – as per the BC Athletics Proof of (COVID) Vaccination Policy of November 20, 2021.
      • All Officials
      • All Volunteers
      • All Event Organizers

High Performance Athletes (CSI-P Registered Athletics Athletes) - as identified by the NSO, PSO, DSO). 

  • As per the New Provincial Health Order -  Nothing in this Order prevents a high- performance athlete from training, travelling or competing in sport in accordance with the athlete’s respective provincial or national sports organization and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific COVID-19 safety protocols, and none of the provisions of this Order apply to a high performance athlete when so engaged.

Travelling for Sport:

  • The order advises that travelling Inter-Provincially and Internationally for Sport should be avoided.

School Sport:

  • The PHO Order does not apply to School Sport.
  • For information on School Sport please contact:

Records of Vaccination:

  • Clubs, Event Organizers are allowed to keep written records of proof of vaccination from participants, as long as they have written consent from the participant to do so. These records may only be kept for the purposes of confirming that a participant has been vaccinated, and can be kept until this Order expires or is repealed.

Verifying and Managing Proof of Vaccination:

  • BC Athletics Members – Member of BC Athletics Clubs
    • BC Athletics Members Clubs are responsible for:
      • Verifying proof of vaccination along with Government issued photo identification.
      • Maintaining a copy, if they have written consent from the participant, of the proof of vaccination.
      • Note: if the club has consent to retain a copy of Proof of Vaccination, that can be:
        • A paper copy
        • Email copy
        • Other means that replicate the Proof of Vaccination
  • Note: if the club does not have consent to retain a copy or does not wish to retain a copy of the Proof of Vaccination, it is recommended that the club:
    • Maintain a list of members who have provided Proof of Vaccination
  • Unattached BC Athletics Members inclusive of:
    • Coaches 19 yrs of age and older Coaching Youth 21 yrs old & younger
    • Athletes/Members 22 yrs of age and older, as required
    • Officials of any age
  • Who, as per the Provincial Health Order, are required to show Proof of Vaccination.
  • Unattached Members must provide the Proof of Vaccination and Government issued Photo Identification , as required to BC Athletics can upload this information at  Unattached Members – Proof of Vaccination
    • Note: Please indicate on the form - yes or no - if you give permission/consent to BC Athletics to retain a copy of your Proof of Vaccination.
  • Capacity restrictions: The Provincial Health Order has now removed indoor capacity restrictions; however, regional restrictions still currently apply in Fraser East, Interior Health and Northern Health (east of Kitwanga). When deciding which restrictions apply, always follow whichever is strictest.
  • Facility exemptions: The previous exemption for ice rinks is no longer in place. For public pools, the exemption still applies except for events including organized sport activities.

Health Orders change frequently and without notice, this is not legal advice and does not provide an interpretation of the law. In the event of any conflict or difference between this webpage and the order, the order is correct and legal and must be followed. 

Thank you for your continued support and compliance with the Provincial Health Orders.


BC Athletics Board of Directors and Staff.

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