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Coach-Long Distance

Athletics Ontario


Join the I LOVE RUNNING Team in Toronto and help us maintain Canadians healthy, goal-oriented, fit and happy. As a run coach, you will utilize our scientific and innovative approach to help runners of different abilities reach their goals in a fun, motivating and social environment.


- Learn our best-performing scientific coaching methodology and apply it
- Guide and help runners of all levels (start to run, 10K, half and full marathon) identify and reach their goals
- Lead twice a week training sessions in Toronto for a group of up to 20 runners
- Follow up, monitor and communicate with runners via email and in person


- Sports related degree preferred
- Professional involvement in sports
- 3+ years of run-specific training and racing experience with demonstrated proficiency in various distances
- 2+ years of practical coaching experience
- Subject-related certifications are welcomed but not required

Job type: part time, on a contract basis.


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