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Morden Track and Field Project

Athletics Manitoba


FUNDRAISING NOW – To be completed by Fall 2024

This project, located on Discovery Trails School grounds, will included a state-of-the-art 400m rubberized track offering safe and comfortable environment of all skill levels to train and exercise on. With a quality soccer pitch, properly drained and graded in the infield.

This is a community funded project by Western School Division, who are actively seeking partners to bring this world class recreation space to Morden. Donations are tax deductible and can be made as a one time donation or a multi year pledge. 

The importance of this project cannot be understated as it will provide INCLUSIVE, ACCESSIBLE and EQUITABLE recreation opportunities for both the school division and all community members in the region.

Athletics, as a foundational sport, provides not only a developmental and competitive pathway for participants but also, important development opportunities needed for all sports. Running, Jumping, Throwing and Wheeling (for persons in wheelchairs) are integral skills that help you move efficiently in sport and in life and are recognized as KEY components to developing Physical Literacy.

Having a high quality and well maintained rubberized, community Track and Field space will not only support the development of competitive athletes in Morden and the nearby communities within the southern region of Manitoba, but it will also encourage active living, physical literacy, and recreational participation for community members of all ages.

Athletics Manitoba fully supports this initiative by the Western School Division, and we look forward to working with them further to develop enhanced training, programming, and competition opportunities in the area!

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