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University of Manitoba Facility Update and Summer Competition Calendar

Athletics Manitoba

The University of Manitoba has scheduled some much-needed facility repairs that will unfortunately occur during the outdoor season. Obviously this does come with some challenges, but if you keep reading you’ll see we have a variety of options. It is also important to understand that these repairs are much needed, and this type of work has to be done during specific optimum conditions. When the ground temperature is too cold the product doesn’t adhere properly! That’s why the work has to be done in the summer.

  • Indoor fieldhouse will be closed from June 19th through June 30th
  • Outdoor stadium will be closed from June 19th through July 23rd

If you live and train in Winnipeg, please DON’T PANIC AND KEEP READING. If you live and train outside of Winnipeg, by all means skip ahead to the competition schedule section.

Training plans/accommodations

  • Regular indoor Exclusive Use training time is booked until Thursday, April 13th
  • Our first day of outdoor exclusive use training time is booked for Saturday April 15th
    • These dates are weather dependent and can/will be adjusted as needed.
    • Regular outdoor exclusive use training time continues through until the first day of the repairs.
  • We have already submitted a request to book training time in Selkirk throughout both facility closures.
    • This will allow for regular access to technical equipment for sprints, hurdles, jumps and throws.
  • In addition to that, since we recognize not everyone will necessarily be able to get to Selkirk regularly – we are also able to book the indoor fieldhouse for training throughout the July closure (obviously can not be booked in June when repair work is occurring indoors)
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm Mon-Thurs, AFTER Mini-U pick up is complete.
    • 11:00am-2:00pm Saturday
    • 12:00pm-2:00pm Sunday
    • We will communicate with clubs and coaches to determine if these indoor times will in fact be used.
  • There are also now three other rubberized tracks in the city,
    • Victor Major
    • River East
    • Garden City
  • Clubs and coaches are encouraged to determine schedules that will work best for their training groups.
  • Finally – we are very aware of the potential equipment considerations and will do our best to come up with some options that allow as many people to have access to the equipment they need on a regular basis. Once we get closer to the closure dates, we will update coaches and clubs with additional details.

The following is a quick summary of the work being completed. Throughout the process we will be in constant communication with the University and will advise the membership of any potential changes to the schedule. 

For the outdoor: June 19 to July 23

  • The main warranty work is the bubbling on the horizontal jumps area
  • Re-painting of all lane lines and markings
  • Javelin runway wear-through
  • Small section of wear-through at starting line of lane 4
  • There are a few spots where there are small chips down to Mondo

For the indoor: June 19 to June 30

  • Starting line of the 10 sprint lanes – there is spike damage (wear-through) across all 10 lanes.
  • For the pole vault, there is about 4’ of spike damage.
  • There is one large chip at the banked track edge where the flooring around it is not properly adhered to the Mondo below. 
  • There are a number of sections of the jumps runway (the one inside the track) where there is spike wear-through. 
  • Two takeoff boards require repairs.

Please note that we have had extensive conversations with the University about the overall maintenance and care of the outdoor facility. Know that we are working with them to ensure that ongoing maintenance is considered a priority. 

The 2023 Outdoor calendar is now available online (link below). Please note that Bison Athletic Club and Winnipeg Optimist Athletics are in the process of confirming their Grand Prix and Summer Jam series event dates, which will then be added to the calendar.

You will also notice the current plan is to host our Age Class Provincial Championships in Selkirk.

Additional out of province competition dates to consider as needed, (not an exhaustive list – but a few key dates).

JUNE – West

  • June 17 – Sole-stice Classic – Saskatoon
  • June 18 – CALTAF Classic – Calgary
  • June 23-25 – Foote Field Open – Edmonton

JUNE – East

  • June 21 – Royal City Inferno Festival – Guelph
  • June 24 – Johnny Loaring Classic – Windsor
  • June 29 – La Classique d’athletisme de Montreal

JULY – Sask

  • July 14-16 – Sask Provincial Championships – Saskatoon
  • July 21-23 – SK vs MB duel – Regina
    • If there is interest, we can request that U20/Senior events be added to the schedule for this event.

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