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Athletics Alberta is the provincial organizing body for track and field, cross country and road running. As a branch member of Athletics Canada, Athletics Alberta is made up of individual members, member clubs and affiliated organizations. The purpose of the Association is to promote, encourage and develop the widest participation and the highest proficiency in the sport of Athletics.

Athletics is a dynamic sport and not just for those who are completely dedicated, but for all those involved in all activities. Through our various programs and activities, Athletics Alberta tries to bring the joy and benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle to Albertans.

What is Athletics?

Athletics is, in many ways, the embodiment of the Olympic motto, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, meaning faster, higher and stronger. Athletics was the original sport at the first Olympics back in 776 BC where the only event held was the stadium-length foot race or “stade”. Today, the scope of athletics has broadened to not only encompass the sport of track and field but also make reference to cross-country, road running and mountain running.

Currently, there are two seasons of play recognized in athletics. There is an indoor season, which runs during the winter/ spring and an outdoor season, which runs during the spring/ summer and fall months. The sports of track and field, road running and cross country are carried out in the outdoor season, with competitions falling on a variety of dates in the calendar months. Only track and field has the distinction of having an indoor season of play, allowing for competitions in the winter months.