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Mission and objectives

Article 1: Mission

The Fédération québécoise d'athlétisme, through its leadership, will ensure the synergy of its members and partners, to promote the development and development of the athlete and to promote the practice of athletics.

Article 2: Objectives

As part of its general mission to promote the practice of athletics according to its components (initiation, recreation, competition and excellence), the objectives of the Federation are to:

  • Develop and encourage athletics in the province of Quebec;
  • Establish and maintain uniform rules for athletics within the Corporation;
  • To affiliate and cooperate with other national or international athletic organizations;
  • Organize or collaborate in national, provincial and international athletics championships;
  • Encourage consultation between member Clubs between themselves and with Federation partners;
  • To promote and defend the collective interests of the Federation at different levels of government;
  • Representing Member Clubs with partners, senior levels of government and the public;
  • Promote the interests of Francophones to the Canadian sport community;
  • Provide athletic consulting services to the Canadian Francophone community and collaborate in its promotion to these communities;
  • Develop and implement funding programs and support services (communications, technical services and expertise) for the benefit of the Federation and the Member Clubs;
  • Manage and coordinate training and development programs for sports executives(1) , in collaboration with senior levels of government and relevant partners;
  • Liaise with stakeholders through athlete scholarship programs;
  • Recognize and valorise sport stakeholders (athletes, coaches, administrators, officials and parents).
  • Support the management of the Québec Games program, in collaboration with partners and nominees.

(1) Sporting officials = coaches, administrators and officials

Our members

The members of our federation are the basis of our democratic life. Members are athletic clubs, incorporated as non-profit organizations (NPOs). Clubs include individual members, coaching members and associate members. Clubs may also affiliate officials from among their members. The affiliation of officials with recognized training is free of charge.

The FQA therefore has various types of members: Clubs, coaches, athletes, recreational runners, associate members, officials.

Members of a sports federation such as the FQA can participate in the democratic life of the federation.

Membership gives rights and commits members to adhere to the rules of the organization.