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The Athletics Project - Our Story

Athletics Nova Scotia

The Athletics Project - Our Story

THE ATHLETICS PROJECT had one of the current premier triple, high and long jump athletes at the shoot. Tobi Oshikoya who is a true gentleman and an outstanding ambassador for the sport. Tobi is currently the AUS triple and high jump champion who shows no signs of slowing down. Tobi represented Nova Scotia this past summer at the Canada Games held in Niagara.

ANS: Hi Tobi, you have been known as an ikon at the pits here in Nova Scotia. Your name is notorious with triple jump, what other hobbies or interests outside of sport make you whole?

Tobi: I love hooping with my friends when I have time. I play a lot of video games. I enjoy watching anime

ANS: Tobi, I know you have been competing for a number of years now and your distances in your jumps continues to get better, can you describe your major highlights of your career so far.

Tobi: Winning and getting personal best in both triple jump and high jump on the same day at the 2022 Atlantic University Championships in Saint John NB.

ANS: What is the best piece of advice you have gained from coaches you have had in the past?

Tobi: Celebrate the small wins as you get them

ANS: Tobi I wonder if you could rank the top five priorities you currently feel are in your life.

Tobi: The top five things I consider most important to me in my life are.

1. My Faith

2. Family

3. Friends/Relationships

4. Academics

5. Work

ANS: Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to as a role model and why?

Tobi: I have been truly fortunate to have really good coaches. David Galloway (my high school jumps coach), Iain LaPointe (Track and field Head Coach) and Simon Watts (The Dal jumps coach). Both my jumps coach have/had PB’s that I chase/chased under their coaching and all three coaches have made me the athlete that I am today.

ANS: Tobi What do you see yourself accomplishing in five to ten years from now?

Tobi: Getting a master’s degree in a specialized field of chemical engineering, possibly biomedical engineering. Assuming my body is still in one piece, continuing to play the sports I enjoy.

ANS: Is there one quote or motto you follow or sums up the way you think?

Tobi: If it is not meant to happen it won’t, but I’ll always strive to make it happen

Tobi Thanks so much for taking the time to share some of your thoughts and insight of your life. I know if you are not working hard at the pit yourself perfecting your craft you can be found assisting the younger athletes and your teammates work on theirs. Thanks so much for representing the sport and the province so well, keep up the excellent work.

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